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murr still means murr!

#10 - Rukita - third MV shoot
2012. szeptember 26., szerda @ 5:37

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Today we've done a music video. This music video will be for my dance trainer's song, will be fun :DDD and actually the first music video I was in just came out! I'm so happy, and it brings a lot of memories just to watch it. And my hero is in it <3 she's so pretty <3 the maincaracter girl with black hair and love the way they did our dance part even it's too dark. So at first let me show the music video! :D tell me how you like it, and feel free to share it, it would be nice :D

In the morning I had the feel that I want to wear lower lashes too. So I put them on :D

I took some photos today when I was bored, or others had their shooting time :D

so the time when Dóri done her make up xDDD love her a lot <3

and took some photos with Cynthi too :)

cameraman in work! haha

#9 - Claudia - Me again~
2012. augusztus 15., szerda @ 16:22

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Hello, hello everyone!~ Took some new photos of outfits. Have a look?!

Blouse and Skirt: Mango
 This pic you can check on lookbook, right here: http://lookbook.nu/user/1981451-Claudia-M

Blouse/Pants/Belt: Stradivarius
This one will be added later :3 Then I'll take others too. To tell the truth I wanted to write something..huge and incredibly good but I can't of course. So bye until I'll have news!~



#8 - Csenge - SKY CUPCAKES
2012. július 27., péntek @ 5:55

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Hey hello, it's been a long time since I could write down what was happening with me. I also have a lot of picture of cupcakes and muffins, what I really proud of  :D So weird three of in one sentence, isn't it? 

Réka and I have a common friend, so we thought it would be nice if we made something special for her birthday. How to make sky-cupcakes with rainbow post. Honestly, this is one of the easiest cookies, but looks so great, so it was a perfect present :D

First we baked the base-muffins (simple muffins with choco)

And while they were cooling down, we made the butter-sugar-sour-cream and took the 1/3 amount of the cream into another cup; the cream for the clouds. The remaining cream colored by blue food-color, for the sky :D
Argh dirty nails, sorry, nevermind how much I didn't want to, the blue colour were everywhere

Then, simply lubricate the muffins with the blue cream, let them thoughen a little bit in the fridge.

For those rainbows we used Fini Roller, but it wasn't as colorful as I wanted :<

This really is my first time writing about how-to-make-food post. Just sayin'. But the final result should be this:

Hope you liked it <3


#7 - rukita - soós mercédesz - felejtsük el performance
2012. július 17., kedd @ 5:45

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It's me Rukita again, haha

You guys could read about a performance I had as a back dancer, Csenge wrote about it :D So here it comes the video of the performance! How you like it?

#6 - rukita - nails
2012. július 11., szerda @ 12:07

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I just got home from SleepWalkers Dance Camp what was crazy, and too hard, but enjoyed it a lot.

Since I forgot to show my nails I got in june I want to show it now, and I want to show the new one too. My new nails are extra fresh I just got home from my nail artist :)

so this one is the first one. I got inspired by this picture:

I really love the animal print so I wanted to get a nail something like this, and I did :)

Then this is the new one I get today

I had no idea what kind of style I want so I let Edina my nail artist to do anything she want

#5 ancsi - my life's story... oh no :)
2012. június 30., szombat @ 9:43

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Hello Sweetheart!:)

Firstly, I really hope that you won't click to somewhere else, when you start reading my terrible English. Sorry, I'm trying..^^ aaand I hope you fall in love with our first page! :)

My name is Anna Mátraházi, but just Ancsi, I prefer like it and most of my friends calls me in this name. I'm 15 years old, a truly life-lover, sensitive girl, a daydreamer, who recently feel herself stronger and stronger and it's positive, I think. In my free time I'm dancing, in a really lovely dance group, in October we'll go to the European Championships soooo then please take your fingers crossed! ;) I have a sister, she's 12 years old... I love her, but rather leave this topic.. Our relationship a little bit complicated and I not even like to talk about this.

And.. the pictures... oh yes hihihi.... The pretty little problem is now, that in my computer there aren't any new pictures, what I can put here (and what is related to the subject. :\) I'm so sorry. BUT. In Monday, my family and me will go to our holiday-house (on Szentendrei Island) and we spend two wonderful weeks here. I promise, I'll take some snapshot, and put here, okay?! But my sweeties (the admin partners:D) put really good pictures here, so you should look them! :)

OMG, I wrote my first post. Huh, I can't believe it.
Fall in love, that's all I can say! :) xoxo

#4 - csenge - seeshell: Vivian 3 ToneGreen
2012. június 28., csütörtök @ 15:42

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Hey dears, that's me again n__n

This is my very first review so I'm a little bit lost, but I've got these lenses for years (ofc NOT, just for months) and during this time I was planning to write, but I always found a reason not to. But now! Lots of welcome to my first lenses: from seeshell (and from Viccu) Vivian 3 ToneGreen!

✿ brand: Seeshell
✿ origin: South Korea
✿ water content: 42%
✿ diameter: 15.0 mm
✿ base curve: 8.6 mm
✿ power: 0.00
✿ duration: 1 year disposable

comfort: 10/7.5
color: 10/9.5
✿ enlargement: 10/10
✿ style: 10/10

  I'm not sure, it's because of the lenses or my eyes, but it's always painful for my right eye, and slides a lot as you can see in the picture which is so sad and twit but can't be helped, I realized too late LOL (__ __);; whenever I put it on.
  May the pictures don't even show it, it's green enough ;) I remember, I was really nervous, what if it'll look weird on my gaijin eyes. Originally I ordered a simple brown, but the hungarian Post lost my pack, and then I didn't really care how, or what kind of, I just wanted my lenses as soon as it's possible. Fortunatelly, a friend-of-a-friend helped me, and sold one of her unnecessary lenses ( cheaper! uauaua), so that's why I have green lenses finally. Randomly. 
  Enlargement is great, my eyes is sure big! They're huge, aren't they? Bigger than I wanted, at first I thought that I look like an ufo, but now, we're friends with the the really big eyes LOL.
  The style is also fine, I don't have any problem with it. Plus points for this OMG LOVE PIGS SO MUCH <3

Ok, with flash, my pupil is too small, so bad - so strange D: I'M A FREAKIN' CYBORG LOL

My latest nail polishes, two sparking NYC Midnight Confetti <3