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#8 - Csenge - SKY CUPCAKES
2012. július 27., péntek @ 5:55

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Hey hello, it's been a long time since I could write down what was happening with me. I also have a lot of picture of cupcakes and muffins, what I really proud of  :D So weird three of in one sentence, isn't it? 

Réka and I have a common friend, so we thought it would be nice if we made something special for her birthday. How to make sky-cupcakes with rainbow post. Honestly, this is one of the easiest cookies, but looks so great, so it was a perfect present :D

First we baked the base-muffins (simple muffins with choco)

And while they were cooling down, we made the butter-sugar-sour-cream and took the 1/3 amount of the cream into another cup; the cream for the clouds. The remaining cream colored by blue food-color, for the sky :D
Argh dirty nails, sorry, nevermind how much I didn't want to, the blue colour were everywhere

Then, simply lubricate the muffins with the blue cream, let them thoughen a little bit in the fridge.

For those rainbows we used Fini Roller, but it wasn't as colorful as I wanted :<

This really is my first time writing about how-to-make-food post. Just sayin'. But the final result should be this:

Hope you liked it <3