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#3 - csenge - csenge appears
2012. június 27., szerda @ 6:37

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Hello! It's my time, to introduce myself: that's me, Csenge. Still hungarian, student and lost between the fashions and styles. I truly like girls who wear contact lenses wich make the eyes bigger with false lashes, that's so cute, but I also prefer the simple-elegant and feminine way. I'm sure jealous the people who are ABLE to decide, or chose just one style.

So, this is me, great to meet you :)

...and finally, I already made a post. Congrats myself ;)

Last week, Ruki had a performance and we went to watch her on the stage. Whoooah~ They're getting better all the time, so proud *^* 

So bad, we didn't pay any money for our ticket, with the dancers we were also VIP ;)

nails time ❀ Ruki Kinga

One million 'outfit' pictures were taken, I kinda collected them during the time I was planning to take them to a blogspot, but honestly, I lost the most of them or I don't know where the clothes from. Can't be helped :|

Claudia @ that day
More photos of Clau? Of course \ ^O^ /

Bai babes, my first MÜRRGIA post