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#2 - chibi - The first outfits
2012. június 25., hétfő @ 8:32

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Huh so I'm the second blogger, Claudia, nice to meet you! There's a bit about myself. I love people so much! I can fall in love with every little things and I wear clothes which are Miwako-like. Err...you don't have to understand this, it's just one of my crazy little manias. But it means I love lolita fashion, spotted dresses, bows, ponytails, flowers, curls and the incredibly long hairs. My future plan is to be a singer/fashion designer. :)

This is a fashion blog (or something like that) so I found a model for us, who is my oldest best friend. I really loved her outfits so I made so many pictures. Have fun! 

Dress: Tally Weijl  Shoes: Converse  Hair clip: Bijou Brigitte

Dress: Bershka  Bodice: Bershka  Shoes: Tally Weijl

Top: Stradivarius  Pants: Bershka  Boots: ASH  Headband: Bijou Brigitte 

Top: Zara  Pants: Tally Weijl  Shoes: Sugarbird Shorter necklace: Bulgari

 There's summer time so we needed bikini pictures too and fortunately she had the cutest bikini ever:

Shirt: Stradivarius  Bikini: Calzedonia  Slippers: Retro

This is just a bonus when we went out to eat an ice-cream.
Top: Zara ( the same as above)  Pants: Bershka  Bag: Nem Yorker 

Ok I totally wanna be on the pictures and I want her clothes and etc. She is amazing! ♥

I'm going now, hope you enjoyed it!  See you soon!