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#4 - csenge - seeshell: Vivian 3 ToneGreen
2012. június 28., csütörtök @ 15:42

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Hey dears, that's me again n__n

This is my very first review so I'm a little bit lost, but I've got these lenses for years (ofc NOT, just for months) and during this time I was planning to write, but I always found a reason not to. But now! Lots of welcome to my first lenses: from seeshell (and from Viccu) Vivian 3 ToneGreen!

✿ brand: Seeshell
✿ origin: South Korea
✿ water content: 42%
✿ diameter: 15.0 mm
✿ base curve: 8.6 mm
✿ power: 0.00
✿ duration: 1 year disposable

comfort: 10/7.5
color: 10/9.5
✿ enlargement: 10/10
✿ style: 10/10

  I'm not sure, it's because of the lenses or my eyes, but it's always painful for my right eye, and slides a lot as you can see in the picture which is so sad and twit but can't be helped, I realized too late LOL (__ __);; whenever I put it on.
  May the pictures don't even show it, it's green enough ;) I remember, I was really nervous, what if it'll look weird on my gaijin eyes. Originally I ordered a simple brown, but the hungarian Post lost my pack, and then I didn't really care how, or what kind of, I just wanted my lenses as soon as it's possible. Fortunatelly, a friend-of-a-friend helped me, and sold one of her unnecessary lenses ( cheaper! uauaua), so that's why I have green lenses finally. Randomly. 
  Enlargement is great, my eyes is sure big! They're huge, aren't they? Bigger than I wanted, at first I thought that I look like an ufo, but now, we're friends with the the really big eyes LOL.
  The style is also fine, I don't have any problem with it. Plus points for this OMG LOVE PIGS SO MUCH <3

Ok, with flash, my pupil is too small, so bad - so strange D: I'M A FREAKIN' CYBORG LOL

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