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#5 ancsi - my life's story... oh no :)
2012. június 30., szombat @ 9:43

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Hello Sweetheart!:)

Firstly, I really hope that you won't click to somewhere else, when you start reading my terrible English. Sorry, I'm trying..^^ aaand I hope you fall in love with our first page! :)

My name is Anna Mátraházi, but just Ancsi, I prefer like it and most of my friends calls me in this name. I'm 15 years old, a truly life-lover, sensitive girl, a daydreamer, who recently feel herself stronger and stronger and it's positive, I think. In my free time I'm dancing, in a really lovely dance group, in October we'll go to the European Championships soooo then please take your fingers crossed! ;) I have a sister, she's 12 years old... I love her, but rather leave this topic.. Our relationship a little bit complicated and I not even like to talk about this.

And.. the pictures... oh yes hihihi.... The pretty little problem is now, that in my computer there aren't any new pictures, what I can put here (and what is related to the subject. :\) I'm so sorry. BUT. In Monday, my family and me will go to our holiday-house (on Szentendrei Island) and we spend two wonderful weeks here. I promise, I'll take some snapshot, and put here, okay?! But my sweeties (the admin partners:D) put really good pictures here, so you should look them! :)

OMG, I wrote my first post. Huh, I can't believe it.
Fall in love, that's all I can say! :) xoxo